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developer/hooks/core.php, string 597 Versions 5 hook_filter ($op, $delta = 0, $format =-1, $text = ") 6 hook_filter ($op, $delta = 0, $format =-1, $text = ", $cache_id = 0) "Translation" the Pre-image Defines filters of user's input. The content passes in Drupale through all included filters before output. It allows units to change a content how it is necessary for site administration. This хук contains all necessary that the unit could submitive possibility of functionality of filtering. Depending on a value $op various operations are fulfilled. The unit can contain so much filters, how many it is necessary. Operation ' list ' declares to filtering system what filters submitives the unit. Each filter has number ' delta ' on which it is possible to access to it in any operation. Filtering process consists of two steps. At first, the content passes a stage ' prepare ' (preparations) when operation ' prepare ' for each filter is called. The operation purpose ' prepare ' - to add эскейпы in HTML-like structures. For example, present the filter allowing the user to insert the whole pieces of a code, without the requirement manually to shield HTML spets-symbols, type